Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Perak Umno rebel government sealed state secretariat

The Umno police personnel preventing Pakatan assemblymen from entering the state secretariat building. The Pakatan assemblyment were led by Datuk Nizar and his state Exco members.
The Perak Umno rebel state government today sealed the entire state secretariat which also house the state legislative assembly building in their bid to prevent the state assemblymen and the Speaker from commencing the state assembly sitting as required by the Perak state constitution.

To strengthen its move, the Perak Umno rebel state government had called in the federal-backed security forces as well as their party supporters from all over the country. The Umno supporters was earlier spotted in an opposite site demonstrating against the Pakatan state assemblymen and supporters. Most of the Umno members are clad in yellow shouted slogans supporting their rebel leader Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and denouncing the legitimate Pakatan-led state government.

As the state assemblymen and the Speaker was disallowed entry into the state legislative assembly building by security forces personnel and Umno supporters, the Speaker had no choice but to convene the state assembly sitting at Heritage Hotel in Ipoh and passed motions to condemn the acts of Umno state assemblymen, defectors and imposed fines onto those who involved in the last 7 May fracas which saw the Speaker V.Sivakumar was forcibly pulled from his chambers and locked up in an undisclosed room.

Apart from being forced out violently from his chair, Sivakumar was also prevented from discharging his duties as the state Speaker. He was then replaced by the rebel-appointed R.Ganesan before the 7 May state assembly sitting commence.

The sitting today approved a decision by its rights and privileges committee to arrest and jail for six months the rebel Speaker Ganesan and his deputy Hee Yit Foong for their active role in the said fracas. The two were also fined RM500,000 by the state assembly.

The rebel state government was established by Perak Umno last February following their coup d'etat which saw the Pakatan state government being toppled. The Umno rebels had since refused to back down despite mounted pressure from the public to dissolve the state legislative assembly to pave way for a fresh state elections for fear of being rejected by the people again.

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