Thursday, August 13, 2009

Umno youth leaders to undergo military training

According to the MalaysianInsider report on 9 Aug recently, Umno will be making arrangements to send all its youth leaders including its youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to undergo military training. The training module would be a commando-type.

Umno vice president and defense minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is the core person taking charge of this program in his capacity in the defense ministry.

Well, what was the political motive of providing military training to all these Umno youth leaders? According to some source, the aim of this training is to establish a party militia force in order to provide security and political intelligence to the top party leadership. Apart from that, the said militia force would also be tasked to protect the party’s interest.

This remind us on how Chancellor Adolf Hitler build his Nazi Party’s militia and security unit into a large military force called Sturmabteilung (SA) and the Waffen-SS (SS) which nearly posed a threat to the German regular army, called the Wehrmacht.

The SA forces took up the role of auxiliary police force in Germany while the SS became a party military force consist of group, divisions, regiments, battalions and company levels which was equivalent to the regular army.

During Hitler’s reign over Germany and all over Europe, the SA and SS were widely used to organize ethnic cleansing, wiping out local resistance and create fear amongst the people over its rule and the Nazi empire.

Besides, the SA and SS were also used in Germany itself to curb local opposition against the regime and to put down the German resistance who aimed to assassinate Hitler and topple the Nazi administration.

So, with Umno youth leaders undergoing military and commando trainings, what is the current direction of the party now? To remain in power forever by force! We had seen the experience in Europe during Hitler’s era.

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